30 October 2008

Most Recent Inspiration:

Unicorn Whales. How magical.

They are actually called Narwhals and are rarely seen in the cold arctic sea. They grow to be about six feet long and weigh 1.8 tons. They are mysterious, magical creatures.

Since they are rarely seen not much was known about them, that is until a couple of years ago.
The biggest mystery? Why do they have the 8 foot long tooth sprouting from their head and what is it's function? It's beautiful spiraled tusk looks much like that of a horn on a wooden carousel unicorn or any other unicorn toy we had as kids.

Here is the coolest part, Scientists discovered that the tooth has hydrodynamic sensor capabilities. Ten million tiny nerve connections that tunnel their way from the central nerve of the narwhal tusk to its outer surface. Their tooth is like a membrane with an extremely sensitive surface, capable of detecting changes in water temperature, pressure, and particle gradients. Science Article

I love it. There's nothing like it in tooth form. These animals are rare, beautiful creatures. It's inspiring.

So inspiring that I think I'm gonna write a story with about this animal...perhaps include another favorite sea creature...
Look how ferocious that creature is.

On another note, I am so done with talking about voting. I am tired of discussing it, sharing sides and "did you knows" and getting all riled up over something out of our control. I just can't wait until it's all done with.

This was inspired from a sick day spent watching Arctic Tale.

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lanes said...

Just wanted to tell you that I saw Mamma Mia tonight and I loved it!! There were these older ladies who sat in the front and danced, clapped and waved their arms throughout the whole movie-- crazy ole biddies! :) I can see why you like the movie so much-- I'm tempted to see it again. :)

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