15 September 2014

another summer gone

I can't believe it's already the middle of September.

Where does time go to?

I can't believe Jack is almost five years old. I can't be old enough/and or mature enough to have a five year old! So many words, feelings, opinions and thoughts in his little brain! My goodness!

In the last five years I've discovered a few more gray hairs and forehead wrinkles and laugh lines around my eyes. I've learned the beginnings of what it means to say I'm sorry when I lose my temper or stop what I'm doing to "watch this." I've learned bits and pieces of the deep love Jesus has for us, if even a fraction of it, when I look at that little guy. I've learned how to work with a kiddo who has a very "refined" pallet and deep preferences. He's pretty great.

Five years, man. Five years! That's longer than my whole high school experience! (thank You Lord.)

so, I've jumped onboard with Les to do our joy dare collection.

TODAY was 3 gifts paired

There's so much in this shot that I am thankful for.
A daddy who loves his kiddos fiercely and works hard to connect with them.
and a little girl who can go all-in with the boys, but really prefers girly things.

11 September 2014


I'm diving into doing a thankfulness project with my dear cousin-friend Les. Which is something I've wanted to do for quite some time, since the first go-around of reading 1,000 Gifts.

The summer is slowly ending (who am I kidding, I give it until November out West.) and I am wishing for chimney smoke smells and deep, cool breezes when I open the door. Almost, but not quite.

Jack has started two days a week of preschool. He loves it. He thrives. He's growing. He likes to move, but he has the perfect teacher for him. Whenever I ask how he's doing she always responds positively (she always has, since he was 3 months old and in the nursery at church and would only let Mama hold him. He went to her and she didn't complain that he cried for the entire hour.) She's a kind soul with a sing-song, Prescott drawl that always makes kids feel comfortable and relaxed. She once told me, years ago, that she was much more comfortable with kids than with adults. I knew we were kindred spirits even then.

Her life hasn't been easy, her husband is mentally unstable and her four children have scattered around the state. She is faithful and positive and always has a smile on her face. And my boy loves her.

Jack is really gifted at discerning people. It doesn't take him but a couple of minutes of meeting a person for him to decide if he likes them or not (or if they're safe or not.) I admire this quality about him, but do wonder how he'll do when he reaches school and is stuck with a not-awesome teacher for a whole year.

Oh, things I never thought I'd worry about.

All that to say, Jack loves school, his teacher and his little buddies. He is in a class of mostly girls and my lands, does he love it. The other day he said out loud "I wonder who is gonna be my honey." Apparently he and his buddy Casen were discussing it. Oh, boy. However, he experienced his first heart break a few days ago when he said goodbye to his binky (pacifier) It was a hard 24 hours, but I am proud to report he made it! So proud of him. But at 10:30pm I really wondered if we were going to make it. We survived.

We sang happy birthday to the binks on the way to the trash can and gave him his very own photo shoot. In the middle of his sad tears he just kept saying "he was my friend! he'll be all alone outside and he'll be scared." near broke my heart.

Proud of you, buddy.

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