15 September 2014

another summer gone

I can't believe it's already the middle of September.

Where does time go to?

I can't believe Jack is almost five years old. I can't be old enough/and or mature enough to have a five year old! So many words, feelings, opinions and thoughts in his little brain! My goodness!

In the last five years I've discovered a few more gray hairs and forehead wrinkles and laugh lines around my eyes. I've learned the beginnings of what it means to say I'm sorry when I lose my temper or stop what I'm doing to "watch this." I've learned bits and pieces of the deep love Jesus has for us, if even a fraction of it, when I look at that little guy. I've learned how to work with a kiddo who has a very "refined" pallet and deep preferences. He's pretty great.

Five years, man. Five years! That's longer than my whole high school experience! (thank You Lord.)

so, I've jumped onboard with Les to do our joy dare collection.

TODAY was 3 gifts paired

There's so much in this shot that I am thankful for.
A daddy who loves his kiddos fiercely and works hard to connect with them.
and a little girl who can go all-in with the boys, but really prefers girly things.

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