24 November 2013

an end to summer

this was taken a few months ago. the last warm walk of summer. i kind of miss it already.
this time next year the kiddos will be so much bigger.

the last of the wild flowers before the cold got to 'em.

i already miss our nightly walks. i know they will return (we do live in Arizona, after all) and oh, how i love the change of seasons. it's like it's meant to be. those summer walks will return and new change will happen then too.


already another month has flown! and so quickly!

this weekend was cold. it rained and the clouds put on a magnificent show. i dreamed of snow flurries, but we settled for consistent rain. that's alright. i know a snow storm is in our future yet. winter has just begun!

a week ago i went to Kansas to visit with the dearest of old friends. the one in the middle was back in the states for furlough from her missionary work in Cambodia. it was a long weekend without hubbys or kiddos and it was like a dream. i've literally had several dreams of the three of us sitting on her parent's couch, in their reading room, sharing stories and a good laugh. and here it was. there we were.

 change was evident. in the wrinkles around our eyes (and for some of us, large stretch marks around the belly) and the depths of our experiences. in the weight that we carry on a given day. gone is the freedom of being 16 and living with our parent's. but at the core, it was still just us. with Jesus as the connecter and the greatest thing we have in common we were able to pick up where we had left off and rekindle those old friendships.

it was really something. and went way too fast.

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