14 December 2010

happiness project : episode 7

around 6am this morning, Jack fell out of bed.

This is his first escape, but probably not his last. To find him outside of his crib, screaming more in shock than in pain, was slightly humorous. In some, slightly weird way, it was a sign of things to come and a reminder that he is, in fact, growing up. Those little legs once used for kicking my stomach into stretch marks, fluttering wildly on the play mat and jumping in his exersaucer have a new mission. They are now used for climbing onto the flower chair (with a look of achievement on his face) running away from mom and exploring the outside world. He's a growing boy and though tiring, this new chapter is such a delight to capture. He has discovered books (and the paper pages that he can tear) and insists we read them to him over and over. Where has this baby boy gone? He's growing up and my heart is a full of happiness. He is all over the place.

Last week my mom came up for the day and we made Christmas cookies. It was such a great time. It's still a little weird to make the cookies at my home and not at her's, but it worked out wonderfully. A start of a new tradition. Jack was in his element and loved tasting every single cookie. He wasn't too sure about the frosted sugar cookie at first, but after being left alone with it he finally succumbed to the deliciousness that it is. 


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