09 December 2010

The art of getting Jack to sleep...

When I was pregnant I did a lot of research on the many different parenting styles. I'm not one for confrontation and have been known to waddle on the fence, so I really wasn't sure how we were going to parent and what it would look like. I like to take the best of everything (that includes desserts) and try to leave behind the things just don't fit. Obviously, this doesn't work on every aspect of life, but when it came to parenting I trusted Christ as our guide and His truths, while trying to leave behind the different things I had seen or experienced that weren't my fav.

And so we rocked and loved...and cuddled and co-slept for a while. It was magic. Now, he is a healthy one year old who somehow sleeps through the night (lovin' that) and recently can go to sleep on his own without anymore rocking. This morning I found myself missing the rocking moments. I missed snuggling with him as he dozes off and cradling his growing, squirming body. I tiptoed into his room to make sure he was still breathing (Hey, I'm a slightly paranoid first time mom.) only to find him nuzzled between a blanket and a stuffed animal. His arm was wrapped securely around the bear and he was sleeping peacefully. Did I panic because I wondered if he might suffocate? Well, yes. Did I wake him up trying to take the bear away/remove the breathing hazard? ....yes. But he fell back asleep shortly thereafter.

There are a few tricks to Jack's sleeping skills...

1. He loves falling asleep when it's dark. Too much light=too much to see.

2. We rock in the chair for a while as he hums to himself or reaches up to stroke my face. (so, so precious.) He also loves to grab my left over muffin top and scratch it. Why is this? I have no clue. His other hand likes to reach for what used to feed him. Hm.

3. After a couple of minutes I try to breath slower and put my head back and "fall asleep." I even open my mouth a little--and occasionally drool, j.k--for added effect. I peak down at him every so often. I pray, I write emails in my head, and/or the to do list for the day.

4. He starts to breath slower and yet his eyes are still wide open.

5. I seriously almost fall asleep.

6. I take a peek to see him fast asleep, his little pacifier bobbing like an apple in water.

And there you have it, works like a charm. No, not every single time. Last week, for instance, he decided he wanted to only take one nap. For an hour and a half. Which left a very cranky toddler and a very impatient/worn out mom. I thought his mornings nap days were over. Praise Jesus, they aren't. Praise Jesus he's sleeping through the night. My theme song this week? I told John this morning, it feels so strange having our nights back. I almost forgot what sleeping through the night felt like.

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