01 November 2010

miscellany monday

1. This last was packed full of fall activity. A part of me is still exhausted because of it and another side of me wants to do it all over again. Thanksgiving? Can't wait. I just found out my brother and his wife are visiting from Nashville the week before. We will have some long laughs over movies, youtubes and any other family activity that may occur. For example, things like this video.

2. I love kids in costumes! Especially when they dress up even when it isn't even Halloween. I was a HUGE dress up kid and would spend my days in long flowing pioneer dresses outside gathering leaves. I would wear plastic high heals as often as I could and would often be found traipsing around the house in a ballerina outfit. Often the object of consistent teasing by my brothers didn't bother me. I was living in the world of pretend. My nephew (John's brother's son) also loves dressing up and only takes off his captain america costume to put on his pajamas. Does he smell like a sweaty boy? Definitely. I love it.

His collection of pez. That was just a few of them.

3. We had Jack's birthday party at my parent's last Monday. It was incredible to watch him devour his first piece of cake and ice cream. Although he did get sick later that week I'm trying not to blame it on the intro to sugar. It's just life. Sweet, blissful, one-year-old life and I hope he loves every second.

with his second cousin Noah. I love how babies check each other out first...in case they're dangerous.
Playing with his cousin Dominic

4. After all the hub and bub of this last week I am pretty exhausted. I think I'm getting sick or something because I can't seem to sleep enough. Hopefully this week we'll recoop. Or, as my man states it "Last week is like a million years away." Well put, my love. Well put.

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