29 March 2011

what I love to do with Jack is simple.

 his static hair was killin' me!
Just being with him makes my heart soar. The way he's sitting in my lap right now, all snuggly after a long nap and the way he talks behind his binky, full of saliva and love. I love watching him grow and seeing all that he's learning and becoming. I love to just watch his little person turn into a real boy and leaving the baby behind. Though I will miss that time dearly.

 Watching him play with trains and obsessing over new Thomas episodes. Moving cars around in circles and picking out his favorites.

...and letting him wear an apron just because he wants to and because he's too cute. Don't judge. He asked for it. ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Gordo......that little peanut of yours is soooooooo cute!!!! But he is growing way to fast! I think a proper visit to Neverland would do him good......just at least till I get to see him again! Love ya pal

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