10 March 2011

Today has been a day of adventure.

With the arrival of spring comes much outdoor time.

The air is crisp and warm. The breeze is consistence and does this heart good.

Jack is loving everything outdoors. He has no fear of falling on rocks or falling at all, really. This, he does not get from me. I pray that he doesn't love snakes. Or scorpians. Or things like that, but I have a feeling he will.

Today we played outside with friends. We laughed, we watched the boys manouver shovels and take each others trucks. I could see them as elementary aged kids, playing in the water and catching garden snakes. I could see them chasing each other through the woods. It's hard to imagine Jack that old, but I know he will be. Before I know it. I'm so thankful for friends that will be going through that journey too. For friends that Jack will know since he was so little and will great adventures with.

It's days like these that I really feel Christ's healing. In moments where laughter is shared and funny one-year-old's keep you on your toes. In moments where a good lunch and some sparkling water really hits the spot. Times when you can feel your friends sharing the load. Just being with you on the journey.

 The boys. Complete oblivious to the camera and taking it all in.

 It's hard to capture all the beauty that was out there today. 

Is there a new Office episode on tonight? Because I've been missing it. For real.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

oh my gosh... there is nothing cuter than bo in dirt... I hope Eva loves dirt. What a great day.

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