15 March 2011

experiencing joy and spring

Two of my windows are open and it is glorious outside. The sun is warm, but not too hot and the breeze is cool, but not too cold. I was told today that Prescott is the number #2 place for the worst allergies in the U.S. Poor souls with allergies. My man is included in that. For those of us who are allergy-less, it is a dream come true. All we need now is a slip-n-slide and a sandbox!

We spent Sunday evening and Monday in P-Town. My mom and sister are on spring break and we retreated down the mountain to embrace warmer weather (88 in March just doesn't seem right, I might add though.) and time with the family. We sat on the back porch for almost every meal and watched Jack run around table and onto the grass. He was experiencing pure bliss, that one. And not once did he say choo-choo for Thomas. Well, he does have his own little push train down there anyway. We shared lots of laughter, updated on news and watched some pointless tv shows (I am glad we got rid of cable. As entertaining as they are.)

Watching the trains pass, Jack was so captivated. His focus was on the little steam engine that went in great circles around us.

My focus was on these. Just kidding. Kind of.

A boy with his grandpa.

 On Monday morning my sister, mom, Jack and I headed over to the zoo. It was packed. Like Disneyland packed. Like, let's get out of here kind of packed. You can tell who grew up in small towns when they see the crowd and say, "Oh man. This is ridiculous. Let's do it another day." And we were one of those people. Instead, we fed the ducks chased pigeons.

Better yet, we went to the train park for a picnic on Sunday night. The weather couldn't have been better. John was almost as excited as Jack and we saw the coolest miniature train set. 

I can't even express how thankful I am for spring. I tend to let my moods follow the weather. Some days are good for a solemn overcast and dreary day, but when the sun is out you can't help but smile. Maybe Jesus knew that when he put me in Arizona. Too much cold, cloudy weather does this girl no good. I believe it's speeding the healing process and drawing our hearts nearer to Him. We're planting some vegetables this week and they will be ready in just a few months time. Maybe we'll be ready to try again then too. 

The only debby downer of the day is that Jack has a fever. My poor little goose. I had so many things planned for this week, but when a kiddo gets sick the play dates have to come to an unfortunate hault. Hopefully he feels better soon. For his sake, of course. 

I'm also anxious for the newest Office episode. Don't judge me, but last week I had a dream about Michael Scott and the very next night I had a dream about Jim. I think my mind is Office-deprived. And to just think it's almost over. 

In other news, John and I just started watching the (older)tv series Six Feet Under. Mostly because of my brother's recommendation. Somehow, it connects us through all these miles.

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mattie said...

such great pictures!!! hoping jack-boy is all better soon... maybe we can plan a picnic for friday?

Susan said...

Oh my, what great shots. Your son is precious!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

The weekend was way too beautiful not to be outside - love these shots.

Lucy said...

I love those overalls. They are my all-time favorite outfit for little boys!

melissa said...

Wow beautiful photos! Looks like the weather was amazing and it was a lovely picnic. What a cutie pie!!!

Also, I wanted to tell you that (since you are a follower of mine; was Love & Life now champagne wishes.) I have had some issues with my new blog set up, tried to create a new one under the same account with similar issues so I have created a new account under a new e-mail address & I wanted to make sure I tell all of my followers so if you follow me at http://melissa-champagnewishes.blogspot.com that would be so greatly appreciated! I will (when I get to it) unfollow you from my old account which I won't use anymore and re-follow you with my new one(this one)! Thanks again! Have a great week! xo melissa

Nessa said...

oh that squishy nose is adorable! I am craving one of those sandwiches now - and a pair of bibs for Eva!

Anonymous said...

oh melaboney.....you are so beautiful and your little peanut is getting cuter by the day!!! I LOVED the first picture of the post of the two of you! and also PS I miss your family please "Say Hello to your Mother for me"...ha...hope to see you guys soon miss you! all my love Ratch

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