29 March 2011

send in spring

Everyone has different traditions to bring in each new season. For Fall, I tend to buy the first bag of candy corn of the season and enjoy them while lighting a festive apple candle and making chicken pot pie. In the winter, I buy a new Christmas-smelling candle (is that possible? Yes.) and listen to Christmas music nearly every day and watch plenty of Christmas classics. In the Spring? I really don't have any traditions. I open the windows in the afternoon, I go for more walks. I wake up earlier. But what kind of smell do I try to fill my home with? I'm at a loss for ideas. What about you? By the time summer hits I feel too hot for candles. I try to stick with nights outside, ice cream and looking at the stars. Picnics and going to the square and a nice cups of iced tea. I've been trying to pick my brain about a spring smell though. 

This last weekend was a doozy. A wonderful, fun-filled, life changing doozy. It was so fun, I wish it was happening all over again this weekend. I am, however, still tired. Of course, it doesn't help that I let myself (over) enjoy all the incredible food and sweets and continued to stay up late each night. However, the conversation was priceless and we burned off all that food with all the laughing we did. I wish I could somehow capture the weekend better with words, but I'll do my best with pictures.

On Friday night we celebrated Sue. Sue has taken so many of us young moms under her wing and taught us so much. Her experience and wisdom is priceless and her laugh is contagious. She is incredible.

We dined, we laughed, we surprised, we ate (boy do we eat) and we celebrated Sue's 50th with a skit, games and songs and a lot of laughter.

I love parties. I love the preparation, the planning, the ideas, the fun and the fellowship that a good party brings. If there's a party, I will be there.


On Saturday we celebrated Mattie and the expected arrival of her little baby girl. Mattie means so much to me and her friendship is such an answer to prayer. I'm so thankful for all her wisdom, the way we experience this early motherhood together, her incredible soups and recipes, her laughter and the way she teaches me how to be a better mom and not to let the stress of life take away from the small things. Sharing life with other young moms is such a great reminder that we're in this together and nobody is perfect at it. It's about enjoying the moment and savoring each step because it will be gone all too soon.

 these two are such blessing. boys around the same age keep us busy, but allow for lots of great time shared. now, a little girl gets to be added to the bunch! hope she can handle all the trucks and dirt and fart noises that will be in the future.

 babies were shared and plates were spilled. and it was fabulous.

With the weekend over it allows for a wee bit of reflection time. And I'm reminded of God's goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, His timing and the joy in celebrating those we love and enjoying plenty of yummy food while we do.

Sad to say, I did miss my cousin's wedding on Saturday night. He married his true love and that was a party I'm sad I couldn't see. 

Sweet Shot Day


melissa said...

Wow!!! Lots of exciting events happening! Great photos of them all =) xoxo

mattie said...

thanks for posting all those pics!!!
fav spring smell: freshly cut lilac branches. we had one at our old house, and i can't wait to plant one here. i wonder if kathy has any lilac bushes???

Nessa said...

What an amazing group of women you have in your life! What a blessing. That first picture is awesome!

Les is more said...

i concur. the lovely lilac. i didn't even know they grew here till one fluke trip to Sedona. I always welcomed spring with Orange Blossoms. (I still and ever will do) But the lilac, wow.

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