12 March 2011

addicts and budgets

I've been a little MIA on the computer lately.

Not because I lost my love for the computer. I've been pretty addicted since 7th grade when my aol screen name was jelybely83 (taylor hanson loved jelly belly jelly beans and he was born in '83. That's pretty embarrassing, actually..) 

But the biggest culprit is THIS guy.

He is ADDICTED to Thomas the train. every time I open our Armour (where our tv and computer are one) he makes train noises and points frantically. he cries. he whines. he brings me thomas the train books. i turn it on and he is in heaven. he climbs up on his little chair and perches himself there for a good round of thomas.

Having gone to Capernwray bible school in England and lived in northern England for 9 months, i gotta be honest when i say that watching thomas makes me miss England. when their little british voices sing "there's 2, there's 4, there's 6 there's 8..." and when they say, "thomas! is the cheeky one." I feel myself smiling a little brighter inside. It's the little things.

We had a picnic today. And it was great. Well, pretty great except for the fact that Jack was ready for his nap and so excited about the 10 foot high slide (not really) that he is too little for that he didn't want to eat a thing. So much for a picnic. It was more like a run-around-laughing-and-chasing-each other kind of time. Just as good.

a boy in his dad's shadow. precious.

On another note, today we trimmed our hedges. well, ahem, it was really my project, but john offered to help. two things. one: i had no idea my hands were so weak. i can hardly lift a glass of water after trimming TWO hedges. what? two: i didn't realize that if your husband volunteers to help, but then gets an allergy attack that all the cleaning up would fall on you. it was a pretty intense clean up round here. But all is well and the day has come to an end. John is studying and Jack is sleeping. Ah.

Today I found a few really incredible deals at the local thrift stores.

Deal number 1: An original E.T blanket. We used it during our picnic and one day I hope to put it on Jack's bed. 2.99!

Deal number 2: a quilt for the quest room. I've been looking for WEEKS for something to replace the flowered-red-blanket-I-brought-from-home-when-we-got-married and I finally found it. Best part? 8 bucks! 

We've started to have to reign in our spending. I don't think I'm a big spender. I'm pretty cheap (case in point, see above.) however, as my dear man says, "we are spending more than we have." So. We did it. We have a strict budget and we're trying to stick to it. We've had to sacrifice a few things (mostly like eating out) and...as a mother of a one year old who is best entertained when he is out and about, this has been a little tricky. I've realized that so much of what helps the day run smoother are little errands. And when those errands occur, so does spending money. But we are on a new path, friends. I pray so. I'm so thankful for endless playdates and friends who enjoy a cup of coffee on the couch while our kids play. 

Or while Jack tries to attack them. Either way.

How do you get a one year old to not attack their friends, anyway? I think he's just excited, but he wants to love on them so...fiercely. I hope he always loves that way.

Ni Hao Yall


Nessa said...

I love the picnic picture!

We are on the budget train right with you. I am a tight wad - but running errands keeps the babies happy. $5 here and there adds up so fast!

Bridget Beth said...

Hey! We have that et blanket!! I love that picture, too :)

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