06 March 2011

ashes to beauty.

 "At the foot of the cross
Where grace and suffering meet
You have shown me Your love
Through the judgment You received."
At the Foot of the Cross - Kathryn Scott

With Spring arriving this week, we welcomed it with Jack's first flipflops ever. He loved them. They hardly stayed on his feet, but he wore them around the house in his diaper for awhile. You would have thought there was gold on his feet, he was so excited.

I know the second picture is fuzzy, but I just couldn't help myself. Way too much fun. 


His grace is new every morning, but I really feel it today. I can't carry much of anything on my own and I'm so thankful He can. He is secure and consistent and His love is unending. He is faithful.

We have been attacked by sudden allergies. Besides feeling stuffed up and congested we are trying to make the most of this nice weather. How, you ask? Why by taking 2 hour naps and pickin up some yummy Easter candy like these and these. Yum and yum. Goodnight.

p.s. I'm not ashamed to say I love this song.

I could listen to again and again.

Our favorite? To play it after dinner/and or to coax Jack to finish his dinner and we dance. Well, mostly I dance, but Jack does a few jigs from his highchair. John jams out by convincing Jack his purred green beans (because by this point he won't eat much of anything) are good. He eats them, unknowingly, and smiles and claps his hands high. That's my boy.

Ni Hao Yall


mattie said...

so glad he's diggin the flip flops! cougs was pretty stoked about his, too. hoping for lots of sunshine this week so we can play outside... but apparently there's a chance of SNOW tomorrow. !?!?!

Sharelle said...

the image about you being dancing and mothering at that same time is just the best thing i can imagine.

way to be a CP mom buddy. that is fantastic.

emily said...

i love that he loves his flip-flops. such fun pictures.

and also your words were very encouraging...thanks for that!

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