22 March 2011

snow in march

 I really have nothing amusing to write.
I'm sorry.
However, I can say that it snowed yesterday. on the 21st of March. It was beautiful.

-I got my eyes checked at costco. all is well. 

-a new month starts in one week. praise God that a new budget starts then too.

also, Jack is teething like nobodies buisness. 
this is how his face often looks.
because i take away his binky.

Also, I can say that I watched a really great movie over the weekend. John was working on an auto review which meant I got to pick the movie without wondering if he'd like it too. (that can be a sore subject that may or may not result in one of us plucking away on our iphones while the movie rolls.) without cable, we are limited, and without cable, we can choose the shows/and or movies that we watch. Sometimes, it's a battle of whoever gets there first.

The movie was "then she found me." It had Helen Hunt, Colin Firth and Bette Midler. It started out a little rough, but it was good. really good. and Helen Hunt directed and starred in it and she did an amazing job. 

my parents and sister came up for a little visit over the weekend. my mom and i made a grand lunch (okay, mostly my mom) and we ate it while jack napped. it was lovely.

I guess I can always find something to say.
The birds are chirping, spring has returned and I'm off to enjoy the last couple of jelly beans.

p.s. my current fav iphone apps : 

. instagram.
. pandora .
.shake it photo.

Sweet Shot Day


Rebecca said...

The good thing about March snows is that it melts rather quickly. At least around here it does. Spring is in the air and the windows are open and I'm happier.

Gretchen said...

We're due for snow on Sunday... but yes, it does melt quickly! Way to embrace the good moments with the not so good! =)

Nessa said...

I love that pillow case! I hope the teeth stop torturing Jack and you.

Anonymous said...

hey crony....of course you always have something to say ;) thats why we have so much in common!! PS I was thinking of something today...and that something was your stories...mostly about Celest and her friends in Florida...remember??....oh what I wouldnt do to have a copy of all your work....ok sister I miss you! and YAY to new Budgets!!

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