03 March 2011

jack attack

Spring arrived this week. And to celebrate we ate oatmeal and got oatmeal in our (Jack's only, thankfully) hair.

And I'm finally ready to embrace Spring. 

Typically, I'd like for it hold off a few months more, but the air smells so pure and fresh and the breeze is so pleasant. The blue sky is like a an ocean of warmth. I am anxious to begin our project of putting up a fence and a swing set. One of the goals for March/April 2011. Jack is going to go wild. He loves being outside so much, but few boundaries=wild child.

The two cars on the right are his recent obsession. I kid you not, he gets those two cars every single morning and evening. Just those two. He has one for each hand. He'll play with others, but at the end of the day these two are his fav. My heart fills with joy at the very thought of it. Our 15 month old is obsessive just like his 'ol mama.

So while we enjoyed the brief snow on Sunday, we welcomed the 60 degree weather by Monday (which does a number on your allergies and/or headaches.)

Have I mentioned playdates should be renamed mommy-dates? Because they are a piece of my sanity, I tell you. Sharing a Red Baron pizza with friends and watching our little guys bully each other off of the rocking horse brings such love. So thankful for friends to share this journey with and to laugh instead of lose it with.

Each step throughout the week brings another wave of healing and rest. From times with friends to a visit from my Dad to a handful of Parenthood episodes. 

Spring brings with it hope. Hope for the future and that we never leave His hands. 

Truth be told, my little Jack is a bit of a bully. I don't think he means to (all the time) but he gets a little aggressive. And scares some friends. Sometimes all he wants to give is a hug and other times, he wants to communicate that he's not too happy. I'm trying to teach him to be gentle, which typically results in an attempt-to-kiss, but being a little too rough. I have a feeling he'll always be affectionate (courtesy of his papa, who loves to cuddle.) but we're really trying to work on no hitting. Even when frustrated. Which often results in Mel learning new ways to discipline besides a smack on the little hand. He just hits back anyway. Here's a play by play of the guy in action.

 Thankfully, Ollie didn't seem to care too much.

Where oh where has my little boy gone? He's growing up. Too fast. 

I love this picture. And the yellow binky you can barely see on the chair. He's still a lil guy.



Nessa said...

Oh i love oatmeal... have you tried it with apple butter and apple sauce? Puts that instant apple cinnamon to shame.

Elena said...

Love the binky beside him. :) He's grown up so much!

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