18 March 2011

love and inspirational

I love music videos. Way back from the VH1 days. Whether or not a music video was good, used to be a way to rate a song. Pop up video was a must see and full of funny little facts that you didn't know, but do now. Carson Daly's countdown was on everyday and it was in many conversations shared with friends. It was a sad day when the band you loved released a music video of them performing the song live. boring. and not to mention a waste of time. 

This video I stumbled upon today and the lyrics are not only inspiring, but so is the music video. So carefree and whimsical and inspiring. I want to dance around and sing it again and again. 

Mindy Gledhill is one of my current favorites and her music is so light and joyful, it brightens any day. I saw her live a few months ago and she was just as good as she is recorded.

Today is so beautiful outside. If I had a jeep, I would suggest to my man that we take it off-roading tonight with a picnic. It's breezy (hello weekend cold front) and cloudy, yet still warm. Perfect combination.

But for now, my man is sick with allergies/maybe a cold and I'm about to make us some smoothies. Yum and yum.

best smoothie ever.

-3 ice cubes
-one individual sized yogurt. flavored, sure.
-one banana
-a couple strawberries (or any berries on hand)
-a little oj
-maybe a little cinnamon

mix and enjoy.

have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I loved pop up video. I use to have the pop-up video board game, (I know silly) :)

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