08 March 2011

window into a person

I just can't help myself.

I love going through old pictures. In fact, I love going through other people's pictures too. It's a window into their person. Their life and memories. It's like watching a movie and one where you don't know what happens, but you get to see fragments of it. Kind of like a good movie trailer. 

John's mama gave us a bunch of family pictures and I am having a blast going through them. Lots of laughter and explain-what's-going-on here questions are shared. I think John likes it too. More of those to come.

I found this one a few weeks ago while at my parent's house. It captures that moment in time so well. Each of us in our own awkward stage (except for my cute little sister Maggie) and each one of us growing and changing. We were celebrating my sister's 2nd birthday. We have some great siblings dynamics. I love them a whole lot.

And I am so glad I don't wear jeans like that anymore. Or pose like that any more...oh wait. I was such a little wannabe diva. My brothers thought I was the most annoying person on this earth. My sister adored me. I was in my own world and didn't even notice. Those were pre-glasses days and pre-puberty days too. Boy, if I wish I could that Mel a few things. for instance. do not play barbies when your older brother's friends are over. They will tease you. And also, don't ride your bike in a hurry, you will fly over the handlebars and dislocate your shoulder.


This week has brought with it much sunshine. I'm really going to try and be outside more before the heat comes a-blazin. I'm not much of a lover of the outdoors. I tend to enjoy feeling the sun more through the window. Since moving to Prescott (one of the most beautiful places on earth) and leaving the heat and crowded city of Phoenix, I feel like a new Mel is emerging. I want to embrace the warmth, the ground beneath my feet and the hills to climb and explore. Jack loves to be outside (takes after his dad on that one) and I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time outside. And that's a good thing. And I shall join him. Perhaps with sunglasses and a good book in tow, but I will be there. 

On Monday we had clouds and tempting storms. It didn't rain but for a minute. I can't wait for monsoons. There's a summer bonus.


jack was so tired. Poor buddy.

Sweet Shot Day


love and life ♥ said...

Yay for the new mel!!! Send some warm weather over here? =)

Cute pictures!!! xo

Debra said...

I came over for the storm photo and fell in <3 with the sweet little face! Darling! Your header is over the top cute too! Glad I found you!

Nessa said...

how great is that old photo! Jack is looking so cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you: happy to not be wearing jeans like that & not a lover of the outdoors too much. It's so hot & humid here for so much of the year. I feel like I can't escape it. For me, rainy days are my favorite. I just love the storm that you captured even if it didn't rain for very long.

Laurie J said...

lol. love the look back into time! come on...those jeans were awesome ;) little jack sure is a cutie pie!

Mariah said...

My mom just recently sent me a bunch of old photos too... yikes. I think we had the same jeans.

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