02 June 2011

sedona in spring

May has been a serious dose of busy.  

A good busy, I can't really complain. Lots of family laughter, delicious food and movie watching.

Last week our little family of three went to Sedona with my parents and sister for a little vacay. It was so delightful. Once Jack figured out how to sleep in the bathroom (it was a handicap shower so he wasn't asleep in cabinet or anything) the party got even better. He even slept in until 8 one day! It was amazing.

Jack was entirely entertained by anything outdoors. He loves the grass, rocks, running, climbing and now swimming. He has only been in a pool a couple of times before this and it was so interesting to watch how hesitant he is around water. He likes it, once he is in there, but I think the whole idea of being in a body of water is a little overwhelming for him. My dad, the infamous splasher and ride-giver, took Jack throughout the water and he soon discovered a love for the giant bath tub.
Between running up and down the hallway in the hotel, tipping over his little car and saying "Uh-Oh, crash!" overandover (to which my heart swelled at the cuteness every time) Jack was the busiest I think I've ever seen him. Our boy loves a good vacation. Can't say I blame him. And I think he got that from me.

Jack also has this cute, but kind of quirky love for fish. I don't know how, but he does. He goes wild when he sees a picture of a fish, plays with a rubber one in the bath tub and ohmygoodness his number one goal at the library is to see those fish. 

He says "feeshes" over and over. It kind of sounds like feces. I laugh. 
So we went to the trout farm and saw a whole lot of fish in a small body of water. Jack thought it was hilarious.

One morning Jack kept saying "fishy, fishy." and led John right to where the fish tank was in the lobby of the resort. They had a grand time looking at fish.

Our boy and fish. Who knew?

There's something so poetically beautiful about Sedona. My heart is so full there. I love Prescott, I truly do, but there's something about Sedona that is a gorgeous utopia I've yet to experience anywhere else. The way the creek is constant yet peaceful and the trees that grow by the water are strong and so green. It's really away from every ounce of busy life.

Can I say how much I love seeing Jack with his grandpa? He just started saying "papa" and whenever he sees him this kid goes into a serious fit of giggles.

And we had some family time too. Though it's apparent Jack is fully capable of livin and lovin' life without mom and dad for a few days.

So we are doing it. We are leaving Jack this weekend with my parents (thanks mom and dad, AGAIN.) and getting away for the weekend. Just the two of us. First time overnight without our kiddo and I am a little bit excited. Okay, a lot. I know Jack will be in great hands and will have the time of his life.

Happy Anniversary, my love. Four years and here's to so many more.


xo katrina said...

i love this post! we spent our 1st and 2nd anniversary in sedona. my husband's company was headquartered in flagstaff, and he seemed to always have a training session right around that time of year. so we'd come along! i terribly miss it now that he is with a different company. beautiful photos of a beautiful family! happy anniversary.

Nessa said...

Ooh Sedona is now on my travel list... beautiful photos! Have fun on your weekend away. Having just returned from our - it is so worth the wait! Happy Anniversary.

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