08 June 2011


We did it.

We escaped for a few days and let me tell you, it was lovely.

I had forgotten how fun it is to sit and enjoy a meal, just the two of us (because, let's face it, we are pretty cheap and rarely go out just us.) I forgot how easy it is to "run in real quick" when you're without a child to unbuckle and then re buckle into a car seat. Let's not even start with gettin' the stroller out. 

The delicious anniversary dessert we were given. She kept saying we could only pick one. I chose the chocolate one. YUM.

John is such a great husband and if I need a trip to the store flyin' solo one night, he's glad to oblige, but it's just not the same going alone. I LOVE company and especially love it when they go places with you. I am not much of a flyin' solo kind of gal. I've tried, but alas, I fail often. I enjoy it more now that I'm mama 24/7, but I still would prefer a pal to sing with in the car rather than sing alone. 

I did miss our boy, but was thankful for the break. By Sunday night we were reunited. He didn't seem to notice.

So, the weekend included a lot of music blasting car rides, yellow light runnin', 9pm ice cream trips, walks around the shops and reading late into the night. Oh, and plenty of tv watching. Though, I was surprised how little I missed cable. It was just perfect. We ate at some fun little places, had some old favs and enjoyed a delightful Jamba Juice (we don't have one up here.) 

We talked and laughed and it felt like we were dating, but obviously, better and I knew him so much deeper and more intimate than I did four years ago. He's truly become my best friend, my partner, my confidant, my love. I am so thankful we get to be in this journey together. That our lives are forever one and our little family will make up some of him and some of me. I couldn't imagine a better man. Truly.

We also hit up our favorite second hand shops in Phoenix and made sure to swipe some good deals. Bargain shopping is wonderful, but it takes time and patience, not something I have a lot of with Jackboy. 

Jack had the time of his life. He swam most of the days we were away and got a skinned toe and rough knees that signal boyhood is in full force. He's a wild man, our little guy, and I love trying to keep up.

I did miss that cheeky smile and slobber chin
Thanks to mom and dad and Mags for watching Jack. He was so well taken care of. Oh, my dad was showing off his new permanent front teeth. And Maggie was teasing him.
post getaway pool party.
The first day it was kind of hard to be back. To get up at 6am, to wipe faces post oatmeal, walk away from temper tantrums, make dinner, and return to busy normal life. I enjoy fun. I know real life isn't vacation-mode and that's okay, because I do like to get a thing or two done too. I was just gently reminded how good it is to get away and remember what started it all.


Nessa said...

Lovely... isn't it weird how it can feel so normal and abnormal to be without them all at once? it is good to be reminded of what brought us here in the first place. Happy date weekend.

Rebecca said...

Amazing. The little desserts look so so yummy and I would have bought them all cause, I'm a dessert ho like that.

Anonymous said...

Um....i don't think i had seen a picture of you before because you are PRETTY. Like so pretty.

Ok. That's enough. ;)

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