01 June 2011

the graduation

My sister graduated a couple of weeks ago.

though I was feeling better in this picture, the sickness was about to get worse.

I was so, so sick that week. Like, the sickest I've been in a long time. I got a horrible ear ache the night before we were supposed to go down the mountain and I woke up wondering if I could even go to her graduation.  

So thankful for the garlic ear drops that soothed the ear ache at 2am and so, so thankful for my husband who stayed up with me in my painful state. Those drops were magic.

We traveled down on Friday and were able to see my sister graduate. Jack was still getting over his cold so he stayed at home with my gracious Aunt who watched him. 

Mags and Mom and Pop
Isn't Maggie beautiful? I taught her all she knows. Just kidding.

 My grandparents, Aunt and cousins from Florida came for the graduation. I was once again reminded how amazing and wondrous it is to be in a room with people who share so much of your person. Your hair color, your laugh, your jokes, your eyes, your sass, your emotions, your heart. It will never get old to share a laugh with someone who finds humor in the same things you do. It's beautiful to be with those who have known you your whole life and love you still. Who have watched your grow up and change and have loved you through all those stages.
Florida cousins who I used to hold and pretend I was babysitting. Am I that old?!

My grandparents we grew up down the street from. Now retired and living in Florida. 82 and 85 and lookin' GOOD. 

My grandpa fought in World War 2 in Germany. He helped liberate a concentration camp. He is incredible and one day I'll bust out some pictures of him from his time in Germany. So thankful for the way he served our country.

And it was so incredible to see my brother again. I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and that is just too long. Though I was so sick and spent most of my time on the couch or in my parent's room sleeping, I didn't want to give up the time to be around family. Especially since we don't see them often. Andy is as charming as ever and charmed the socks off everyone he saw. He made everyone laugh, just like when we were kids. He also showed me all the funny youtubes, a ritual when he comes to visit.
Though our oldest brother was missed in this picture, it was good to have all the siblings back together.

Jack got a good dose of antibiotics and is back to his normal, wild and hilarious self. He loves being with family almost as much as I do, though he doesn't seem to love to sleep at my parent's house as much as I do. The first night was horrible and he spent most of the night snuggled in bed with me. By 6am he was up and ready for fun. I cried, wondering how a sick mama keeps going without getting sicker? How do you find energy when you literally have zero left? In swooped my parents who graciously took their lil grandson and off our hands and let us sleep a couple of more hours. The other nights got better as I let him have the room all to himself. I said, see ya. I'll sleep better on the couch. John traveled back up north so he could preach on Sunday morning.

I feel so thankful we were at my parent's house that weekend. Besides being sick, having family around to help with Jackboy really is a blessing. I once thought and dreamed of being off in a far away land, experiencing life alone and family-less, a sacrifice I was willing to make. I'm so humbled and thankful that God knows us better than we know ourselves and He knows I'm just not that strong. Not yet anyway.

So Maggie is officially out of high school, 18 and moving on. It feels surreal. I feel old. I can't believe that time is already here. I don't think my parent's are ready to be empty nesters. She's grown up so fast.


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Rebecca said...

I totally love all the photos but your sisters eyes, are gorgeous! Such a beautiful shade of blue!

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