14 June 2011

favorite things

I tend to be kind of an extreme person.

When I'm happy, man, I am happy.

When I'm angry. Watch out. For a little while at least. We're working on that.
When I love something? Man, I love it. Kind of obsessed even. For maybe a week, a month or ten years. This is in regards to things, not people. People, I could/will love forever. Loyal to a fault, but that's how I was made.

So here's a couple of my favorite things this week. Enjoy.

An oldie, but a goodie. Still brings a huge smile to my face when I watch it. I really like Jimmy Fallon.

Out of all of the movie trailers on apple.com, this recent one looks the most interesting.

and this blog.

and this blog.

and this one, too.

We've been watching these guys almost every night. Jack dances to the opening music. And we laugh. Oh, we laugh real good.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

love all this goodness - thank for sharing Mel.

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