16 December 2011

Home stretch!

This week, Zoey decided to turn head down. To prepare for labor. To get ready to greet the world with her little person. It's really happening.

The last few weeks have been both uncomfortable and painful as she was a little late to be lying transverse. After much, much prayer, praying for trust, a little bit of puslatilla, some serious lunges off the side of the couch, crawling on my hands and knees, and lots of walking she decided to get her rear in gear (literally.) So thankful and relieved that she's comfortable.
Last night I saw this movie for the second time. And it was great. This song is so beautiful and I find myself listening to it whenever I can. It's so simple and true. It also takes me back to my honeymoon and the magical moments with the man I love. Sometimes I miss those days, but mostly I can't wait for the adventures ahead and the getaways we'll have. Post babies, of course. :)

We also watched this movie the other night. It was so, so good. I highly recommend it! Kept us thinking for days. The story was fiction, but on true history, but oh so good.

and too bad I'll have a little one when this movie comes out. But can't wait to see it, none the less.

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