04 January 2012

a whirlwind.

I apologize so greatly for my inconsistency of writing on this 'ol blog. I had high hopes for writing more random and fun things, but I'm afraid I might still be inconsistent this year. That's alright. I blame it mostly on the fact that our computer doubles as our tv and so blogging time is mostly limited to evenings (when we are watching some of our fav shows) or nap time (which has kind of gotten shorter as of late.) But here we are. 2012. Our little Zoey bird is due in 28 days. My heart is so full (and so is my womb) and sleep has become a distant dream of the past. I definitely feel like I am gearing up for those sleepless nights once again.

But this time, I pray that I will savor those late night feedings. I hope I don't cry in frustration at the lack of sleep (and lack of help from my hubby who can't nurse a newborn. Who knew?) and try to embrace each moment and the quiet times with them. Because it goes so quickly and I can hardly believe Jack was ever that little. 

On that note, I am making a daring attempt to do a 366 project this year. 

Bear with me, for it probably won't happen. But I can dream. Right?

We'll see how far I get by January 31st. Go here to follow my 355 journey.


Christmas was magical. Though, being nine months pregnant wasn't quite as magical, but it sure helped me to identify with Mary. Man oh man. I don't think I could do it on a camel, I honestly know I couldn't. I am such a wimp.

 We got snow early this year and it was just incredible.

In preparation for a baby sister, I've been trying to make Jack feel like a big boy as much as possible. My favorite? Whenever we go somewhere to eat he says, "big boy chair? big boy chair?" 

I taught my kiddo all I know on how to eat cookies. And lots of them this year. I loved watching him play with his little Christmas cookie before he ate it. 

 And Zoey bird? Growing like crazy...and so is the rest of me. Sigh.

 Christmas morning was relaxing for the most part. Although we went to church and then to my parents after that, we tried to let the morning take its time. It went too fast. Per usual.

 MnM's. One of his top five favorite Christmas gifts, easily.

His other favorite may have been this gift. A dear couple in our church blessed Jack with this (a Christmas gift that will never be beat in our home.) and he. was. in. heaven. So fun to see his face (and John's too.)
Then we headed to my parents for some cousin love and delicious food.
Oh, and how Jack loves his baths lately. Please excuse his boogers.

This was last year and here is this year. I can't believe how fast they grow! Please slow down, little one.


This picture of Jack cracks me up.

Some for real Christmas-cousin love right here!

Dad and Jack with the airplane. Can hardly believe this is Jack's third Christmas.

I love seeing Jack change, but my dad stays the same. 

 They are two peas in a pod, they are. 

After Christmas, my dear cousin and his wife came up for an afternoon visit. The boys played outside and later we enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner. Boys are so fun.

Precious Noah.


For New Years, a dear high school BFF friend and her hubby came in town for a weekend visit. My goodness, was it fun! Too short, but just enough time to catch up and share plenty of laughs. So thankful for old and dear friends.

 Yup, I'm large, ya'll.


By Monday, our little family was back to their routine. We played outside and Jack enjoyed his ten dollar wagon (thank you after-Christmas Goodwill!) with his daddy. He was obsessed with finding a way to make it a trailer.

"Bye, bye Mama!" He shouts.

Johnny did his best with what was on hand. a big stick.

With December so quickly gone and Zoey's arrival swiftly approaching, I am finding myself up at 3am once again making lists in my head and imagining cuddling our little girl. We are so excited. 

When Jack was born we were excited, but had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. With Zoey, we feel prepared, ready, excited, and a little scared all at once. Sometimes I wonder if I'll treat Jack differently because it's always just been me and him and we have a way of doing things. But then I imagine the friendship that the two of them will share and my worries diminish. Siblings really are some of the best friends.

I just can't wait.




Nessa Bixler said...

28 days!! how exciting! I think you look super cute.

My Captivating Images said...

It is amazing how another child multiplies your love for them. Looks like you all had a great Christmas. We rushed through Christmas to make it to church to. It was kind of neat to have church on Christmas but it was definitely hectic. I couldn't do it on a camel either! I think Mary is the only woman ever who could! :)

Kristina said...

I loved reading this so much, especially after getting to talk to you today. How excited you must be! It really shows in your writing. Mel, I couldn't be happier for you. Your beautiful family, growing. It's wonderful. I can SEE through your photos how good of a Mother you are, and how more love you still have to give. Hoping nothing but joy and peace to you as her birth approaches. Lots of love, Kristina.

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