20 January 2012

one down. one to go.

My brother and his wife had their baby this morning at 2am! After a very long labor, she finally arrived and is as cute as can be.

I woke up a few times last night in hopeful anticipation that she would be here. Only this morning did we finally see her little, perfect face. Juniper Rose, in all her beauty.

She's just perfect!

Once my sister in law Mel (yes, her name is Melanie too) had her kiddo I knew I was next. The reality of that sentence freaks me out/fills me with so much excitement I can't even sleep. And its only 6:50am and for the first time in WEEKS, Jack is still asleep. Why is it that when he sleeps in, I can't? Ps. My stomach is growwwlling right now.

I am seriously large at this point and feeling so ready. I've been having a lot of contractions, but trying not to get my hopes up. I have a doctor appointment this morning and pretty much counting on her to say, "you are barely a one." but I can hope for more, right?


Nessa Bixler said...

Oh man I am so excited for you!!

r.martin said...

Awwww how wonderful cheers to Mel and Andy!!!! yayayaya!! she is cute and what a name! PS pal YOU LOOK GREAT!! I can NOT WAIT to see your little lady!! I am gettin real antsy over here....again like last time please tell john to text up dates if he can!! Love you sister!

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