28 January 2012


Well, once again, it's been too long, old blog.

I guess I've been hoping that our little one would arrive and then I would have something exciting to write about.

...but she hasn't.

Sure, I could write about the wonderful playdates this week, or the dinners that I thought might 'be my last before giving birth.' (bad idea, FYI. But I'm all about the last-time-before-life-changes moments)

Or, I could document the moments of panic of thinking, "oh no. I have to give birth again." but that fades with the hope of a successful epidural and swift delivery.

My sweet little niece Juniper is growing so quickly! I can't believe she's already a week old!


I should have written about how precious Jack has been and although his naps have somehow shortened this week, I am loving every second we get to share. I'm somehow learning to love this kiddo more and more each day. Like right now, he's also cozied up to me like a little bear in our bed. John snores softly and Zoey kicks/turns her shoulders/I don't know but it's kinda uncomfortable. I have found the blogger app and write in the dark because, hello, it's a Saturday morning at 7am. We like to pretend we get to sleep in.

I should have also written about my incredible man and how he took the morning off yesterday so we could go on a date one last time. We saw the movie Hugo (absolutely incredible and beautiful and inspiring) and in the middle of the movie I got a little starving (no surprise there.) John returned with a pretzel and reece pieces in hand and we snacked away like two teenagers. After the 10am movie (best time to see a movie, in my opinion) we were off to lunch and some coffee with a good book. It was a time I won't forget.

Those days will be missed. For a little while anyway. Not that that they happen regularly or that life can't go on without them, but man. It sure is nice to get away with the one you love. I've learned that I love any kind of afternoon dates compared to evening dates. I just get too sleepy in the evenings. I have so much to say first thing in the morning (obviously. Its only 7:07am.)

I reckon that might be all I would/should have written about in the last week. I'd try to leave out the occasional meltdowns of wondering "will she ever be born?" or the painful contractions that caused frustration and fear-of-whats-to-come. Those times are good to be forgotten and didn't help much anyway.

But here we are, the last Saturday in January, a day I've looked forward to for many, many months. Hopefully, this time next week we will have met our little Zoey bird. I feel ready. In fact, I'm kind of out of stuff to do and everything on my list is done. To which John asked, "do you want something from my list?" or "we don't need to spend any more money." he generally is saying one of the two. ;)

Maybe I should savor this time. The calm before a storm. A beautiful, mid-July, whirlwind of a monsoon kind of storm. Like most summer days in Arizona, I can't wait for that monsoon.



My Captivating Images said...

Awww....she will be here before you know it. I have a Zoe. We call her Zoe bug.

Nessa Bixler said...

I forgot about the wait... the end when you wonder at every cramp - but are so crampy anyway. Love the light pouring through the door. She will be here soon mama.

Melissa said...

I love your light picture. I remember when I was pregnant with my son the wait at the end was so hard. :-)

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