10 January 2012

nearly there

So, I think we are on the home stretch. 37 weeks.

I am feeling so, so ready. and huge. Oh, did I mention huge? 

On Friday I had THREE different strangers comment on how big I am. 

#1 said: "Wow, I bet you can't wait until that's over." To which I ignored and kept walking.

#2 said: (after looking at me and whispering something to his wife. who then went and picked up a snickers candy bar." they looked back at me again and she said, "yeah, she was even bigger than her.

#3 was an over weight guy with a family and his wife who commented (in the same line) "wow! she is HUGE!" 

Ok, okay, I get it. Alright? I am large. But seriously? A little respect for the pregnant peeps? Can we say something like, 

"Oh mam, you look exhausted. Can I carry out your groceries for you? Oh, and how about I just pay for them too."


"Wow, mama, you look tired. Do you want some free cookies?"

Thankfully, the Lord knows my tender, hormonal heart and brought forth a delightful cure on Sunday afternoon. 

After a frustrating morning with Jack (mostly because he can outrun, out jump, out kick and out energize me these days) and a long morning without John, I drove home solo and stopped in at Safeway for some shampoo, eye liner and root beer. 

When I walked in, everyone smiled like we were in a Disney movie or something. I felt like Belle in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast. Best part? When I walked up to the Starbucks island to FREE mocha frappachino samples. It was heavenly. Just what I needed. The nice stranger next to me said, "You should take two, mama! Enjoy!" I declined (mostly because Pizza hut was waiting around the corner) but also because one was just enough.

Oh yeah, and the shampoo and eyeliner were on sale, yo! It's the little things. Truly.

I feel like a planning maniac these days. Now that I've spent almost two months worth of our grocery budget worth (hey, I'm skipping February all together this year. I'm hoping to not go to the store unless it is for cabbage leaves or nursing pads.) I am beginning to feel ready. To settle into this idea that in just a couple of weeks time I'll be snuggling a fresh, little newborn. So tiny and beautiful. So prayed for and anticipated. Also, so loved. I've started in on my raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil capsules and can hardly believe I'm already at 37 weeks. The time has just flown.

Jack got to meet his first real newborn last week. A friend of mine had a baby boy and we went up to meet him. Of course Jack wanted to touch his eyes and nose and face, but he also didn't seem overzealous about the idea. At least he didn't hit him. I'm not kidding. And somehow I could help him put tires back on his car and hold this little swaddled being at the same time. I was so encouraged.

Some of my last month craving are:

-anything with cinnamon. preferably red hots or hot tamales. yum.
-greek yogurt with a little bit of nutella mixed in. hello.
-slices of mild chedder cheese. still. kills me.
-clementines. i've downed so many of those guys.
-cinnamon chex cereal.
-all sorts of soups.

still not lovin'...

mexican food
or anything with too much kick to it.


I've declined the impossible responsibility to do a 366 picture a day this year. it's just not the year. I am attempting to do a 366 on instagram with my phone, but those pictures are more for fun. I'm going to just try and take pictures, period.

....still thinking of goals and dreams for this next coming year. last year the goal ended up becoming quite a bit more of a reality that I have anticipated. I love it when Jesus works that way.

that post is in the making...

On Saturday morning we had a full breakfast and a nice sleep in. Well, for John and I. Jack was up at 6am. Per usual. We just keep on sleeping. Or at least we try to.

I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge how I'll miss the three of us. So thankful for the foundation that has been set, but sad to see our time as a trio leave. I'm so nostalgic.

I pray that they can continue to have a deep bond that lasts a lifetime. That they're a safe place for each other full of acceptance and grace.

This boy loves his do-do's. Oh, and also sitting in a 'big-boy chair.'


My Captivating Images said...

Awww.....Those are adorable pics. I am so sorry people are being so rude! Some people have no clue. Just think it will all be worth it! :) It's amazing how the bond grows when there is another child.

Nessa Bixler said...

SO glad to hear about you Disney like experience! Almost there... and you have me craving cinnamon chex like a mad woman... a mad pregnant woman. And then you show me donuts. Oh man.

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