02 July 2014

mama's day

this is a majorly late post, but here it is!
from mother's day!

this one. made me a mama.  
teaches me every single day the His mercies are new every morning
and there's grace to cover the way we are that we wish we could change.
he teaches me how to be patient and speak kindly and laugh and go on adventures.
he keeps me young and and reminds me how fragile relationships are and how they need to be taken care of and not for granted.

this one teaches me to see beauty in everything. 
to stop and see puppies and babies and to have courage 
to do things on her own.
she reminds me of patience and strength and the beauty in being an individual and to not compare
to other kids or stages or places they are.
she reminds me of the beauty and importance of not caring what any one is thinking
but dancing in the aisle or singing let it go at the top of her lungs.
she keeps us up late and gets us up early, but the girl has the sweetest spirit.
she's drawn the kindness out of all of us and created a little habitat of love.

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