14 May 2014

tail gatin'

This picture just swells my heart with joy. Those little chocolate faces, the red straps, the warm spring breeze (that quickly turned chilly after we ate the ice cream ;)

Some nights when John gets home we try to do something to burn that hour-energy before bedtime. some nights we declare an adventure and drive through the hills. This particular night the kids were bathed, each wore an outfit of choice and we were off to get ice cream from Trader Joe's.

I didn't really think about Jack not wearing shoes as we left the house. We wouldn't leave the car after all, right?

And there we were. In the mall parking lot, full of prom attendees and busy folks. We parked at the top of a hill and watched the sun set and the clouds move. It was beautiful.

Of course it lasted all of about 10 minutes before Z wanted to go explore the back of the cruiser and Jack declared that he was freezing and needed to go peepee.

So, in true mama-bear form, I whisked him from the car, shoeless and in firefighter gear to the ladies room. Something he despises, by the way. He isn't a girl, so why should he go to the girls room? It's always a fight.

So, despite my best efforts, I had to put his little bare feet on the ground (gross!) and let him go. As well as wrestle under his coat to get those suspenders off. No easy feat, folks. 

He giggled the whole time and wanted to blow dry his hands after he washed them. Why of course, buddy.

I wondered as we raced through the crowded restaurant why people kind of looked at us. Could it be that we used the bathrooms even though we hadn't eaten there? (sorry Roadhouse) no, it must have been the gear. Or a barefoot four year old.

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