03 May 2014

jack and preschool

my little man started one day a week of pre-school.
because, like his parents, this guy is social and loves to learn. 
his teacher is a kind, loving woman who has known him since he was a tiny baby and wouldn't let any one else hold him but mom. she was the only one in the nursery who could get him to stop crying.
she got him.
i'd be lying if i didn't say that was my main reason for putting him in school in the march. i didn't want him to miss a little time with mrs. johnson. 

he loves going to school and loves doing little workbooks and getting prizes and playing with his buddy casen on the playground. he loves to learn, like truly loves it, and as much as i miss having him home (yes, even for that morning once a week) i know it's time.

but, come on. where did my baby go?

i wish i knew him then like i did now. i wasn't yet convinced that they are who they are even at 1 and it's just helpful when they turn four and can tell you all the hundreds of things they've had going around in their mind.

he's always been spirited, a thinker, a feeler, a learner. he's always been our jack.

and now he asks to look at the moon and stars and lay on his floor before bedtime. he wants to know how big the sun is and how big the earth is and how it's round and if it is than why is our house flat. he wants to know about trees and cars and trucks and boats and how they all work and what makes me them go. i can't believe he's held these questions in for this long! ;)

and the boy loves to pretend. he could run his cars around the house all day and make "ahh" falling noises and crash them into the wall or each other or his sister. (depending on the day)

i really love this age and i love discovering more and more of who he is.

i love you, jackboy.

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