30 April 2014


I have this reoccurring dream that a storm is coming (most often a tornado,  but sometimes a huge snow storm.) and I am frantically gathering a bunch of random belongings (pictures, antiques, things that can't be replaced) and putting them into basements, into the house to be safe, or into a car if we are being forced to evacuate our house. I watch the storm approach, full of excitement and fear, and try to make sure we're all safe.

I'm not sure why I have that dream so often, but I do. Could be my intense love for weather and the beauty and unpredictability it could bring. My pal Teri would say it's a way of trying to control the unknown and wanting to.
I could see the latter, most definitely.

A few days ago Jack came bouncing into our room at way-too-early o'clock and jumped onto our bed.

"Mom! I had a dream a snake was coming to attack me, but then he started talking to me and we became friends!"  (p.s. kind of scary he had a dream about a snake trying to befriend him, but so it goes. He has a love/fear of snakes.)

Well done, my son. Shifting the story in your dream is a hard task and one that takes a lot of dreaming practice.

He often tells me of his wild and crazy adventures in his dreams. I love hearing about them. John isn't a big night-time dreamer (he spends all his time dreaming in the day and actual future ;)

I wonder what Zoey dreams…I can't wait to find out.

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Les is more said...

great photos melanie! the lighting is so telling of the peace in your home

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