13 April 2014

flashback to winter part 2

This winter we spent a lot of days indoors. We ventured out on occasion, but the allergies started early. 

Zoey and Jack have discovered a deep love for painting. Especially Zoey. She could paint 6 pages of doggies in one sitting--and the girl is good. She's into detail and I will find her leaning over the page, focused. She also loves the color pink. She calls most colors pink, but all the same.

Jackboy loves to color his cars. He doesn't yet realize that a week or so later I wash all the washable paint off, but in the meantime he loves it. 

I'm still torn what to do with all the creations. I keep a couple, but I am a known hoarder, so I try to restrain myself.

We also started going to gymnastics on Monday mornings in mid-January. It was a lifesaver. Such a great way to start the week and Jack loves it. It costs 3 bucks for the first kid and 1 for the second so for a total of $4 dollars for one hour your children get all of their energy out. It has helped Zoey with her walking/climbing/jumping/running in amazing ways. It's been so awesome to watch her grow stronger and work those little muscles!

They've also developed this little relationship that makes my heart sing. They really love to be together and I could write full-on novels about their conversations (one sided, for now. Lucky Jack.) and games that Jack mostly talks her into. Zoey loves him so much and when he's gone she asks for him and even yells out for him the whole way home. I am so thankful that they've connected and hope it creates a life long friendship for the two of them.

In early February a few of us ladies from Cornerstone had a small gathering at a dear friend's home. It was called the if gathering (you can learn about it here.) It was such a great way to go deeper, listen and watch incredible speakers and worship together. It was truly a growing time in the Lord and in our friendships. I wish we could do one once a month.

I really love these kindred souls.

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