28 April 2014


I love how songs can take you back to a place that you haven't visited in a while.

I somehow burned a copy of an old, old mix cd that has sat on my iTunes playlist for, I don't know how long. It took me back, man. Like, took me back to driving around in my old '89 Honda hatchback right before I met John and right before everything changed. I had some serious angst going on back then, let me tell you what. John and I listened to it and I told him how "teen angst" it was, although I wasn't a teen anymore, so mostly just a whole lotta angst. We laughed and held hands and then I realized, he isn't in those memories. It's strange as our journey together grows deeper, those memories apart become less and less. Those songs take me to a place that he can't go. And songs that hold memories without my kiddos. I'm thankful for those flashbacks, but also thankful that some of that angst has lessened to just sleep deprivation. Haha.

I'm bout to start a little series of different songs and the journey they take me on. If this is going to represent some sort of journal for my kid's some day, then they might want to know the songs that changed me life.

Here's the first song on the playlist. Still so good, still love it.


this little miss kept me up a whole lot last night. She has pink eye and for some reason was in the most pain of her life (my vote is sista didn't care for the eyecrusties that happen when you have green goop coming out of your eye.) She has a little bit of a….dramatic flare (not sure where she gets that) but she doesn't enjoy pain, or the thought of it, and spent a lot of time doing gymnastics in bed and crying and wanting to be walked around and rocked and cradled and cuddled.

I really didn't mind. Those moments go so quickly, friends. And pain in a little two year old is so sad to see. Even if it's mostly discomfort. I get that! 

    I see some teen angst in this girl's future. That face.

    I love Jack's face in this picture, like…wait a second, who is up in my business?

   haha. they were just waking up from a nice nap.

these pictures were from a while ago. Still catching up and rekindling my love for this whole blog thing. You're welcome, kids. Sorry mom is inconsistent with her blogging. 

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