27 April 2014

calm before the storm

This is how many Sunday afternoon end up. The kiddos are awake, John is resting (actually sleeping, whose kidding?) and it isn't long before the covers are kicked off and little feet start a jumping!

There's just enough time for me to capture a few pictures. 

oh, little clan, we've been talking lately about the future hopes and plans and the idea of adoption and what adoption means. Jack is very very curious (he's like Curious George's cousin, though he can talk.) and asks about 5,000 questions a day, and he's really good at eavesdropping so whenever we have a conversation, he asks a dozen questions in the midst of often times a private conversation. We've had to start spelling our words (that might not work for long.) I love how curious he is and John and I both try to be really intentional with giving him honest and clear answers. 

So, Jack asks a lot about adoption and what it means and even though we tell him we're praying for a little sister, he always tells me, "you mean a brother." without skipping a beat. We've also been talking a lot about other languages and cultures and how not everyone speaks English. He still disagrees and thinks the only two languages spoken are English and Spanish and he can speak both. hahaha.

I told him about little Dema in Ukraine and how he was Jack's age when I met him and he couldn't speak English, but he spoke to me in Russian all the time. Jack just giggles when I speak to him in Russian.

praying that life gets a little bit crazier and beds get a little bit fuller too.

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