08 April 2014

been awhile!

I have missed so many moments! 
I've captured them, not to worry, just not on this blog.

This winter (if that's what you want to call it here) went so fast I can hardly believe Easter is next week. I'm going to try to stay caught up on this (though never a guarantee.)

Our biggest life change is that we have stepped out in faith and are hoping to adopt a little one from Haiti (you can follow our journey at www.uponwater.com) I've had such a strong desire to adopt since I was a little girl, but since getting married and having two biological kids, the timing just didn't seem to fit. In January John mentioned adopting our next kiddo to which I was both shocked and in awe of God's incredible timing. We're trusting in God to provide funds and know He is faithful. Our hearts are all in, but unfortunately, international adoption is very expensive. We're praying for the funds and trusting God will provide.
Our hearts break for those without families, without a mom and dad. God has been revealing His heart for adoption and how it mirrors our adoption into His family. I've been reading this incredible book and it was as if all these thoughts and questions I've had for so long were answered in a book by someone who also felt called to adopt. We can't save all of those without families, but by His grace we can rescue one. And hopefully raise them to know and love Jesus. 

So, entering into that journey has included filling out paperwork, collecting passports, birth certificates and all sorts of materials (mostly during nap time.) We're nearly done with our home study and are about to enter into getting documents together for our dossier. 
Then the waiting portion begins.
But we thought it would be worth it to work hard in these last couple of months to get the documents together so we could get dive into the waiting process.

And in the meantime, we watch Jack and Zoey grow. We've talked about the adoption; about getting a little sister from another country. We know the wait may be long, a couple of years perhaps, but we know that in the waiting we hold onto the heart of Jesus and know that He's using that time to equip and grow our kids and open their hearts to the idea of become a new type of family.

Zoey turned 2 in February. My girl is growing up. She's so hilarious and busy. My, is she busy. 
She keeps us on our toes.
She awakes around 1:30am, comes into bed with us (wants to snuggle in the middle) and I usually retreat to her big girl bed around 2 and then she greets us for the day around 6:45. This morning Jack woke me up at 5:45 and said, "Come on, mom. The sun is up! It's morning!'
Too early, kiddo.
The next hour was spent being kicked from behind and asked a dozen times "is it time to get up yet?"

They are so fun. I have so many pictures to add and share, more will come soon!

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