08 May 2014

fixer upper

Today on the way to church Jack asked me a very serious question.

 "Mom, what is a fixer-upper?" Like most of the world, we've been watching Frozen since Christmas and like his mother, Jack obsesses over a song, one song at a time. Never more than one, mind you. First it was, Do You Want to Build A Snowman? THEN Let It Go and now, Fixer Upper.

(for those of you who haven't seen it, here ya go.)

When he asked me that question I knew it was an opportunity to explain my not-so-awesome mommy behavior earlier that day. I thought it might be a teachable moment for our little guy.

"Well, it means that we're not perfect, that we need a little work done. We're all fixer uppers, buddy. That's why mommy sometimes loses her temper…she's a fixer upper too. That's why I need Jesus."

He thought for a minute.

"Daddy isn't really fixer upper because he only yells sometimes, but you yell more, right mommy?"

"Well, um, yes. But mommy is home with you more and maybe if daddy were home all day he might be more of a fixer upper too."

He took that answer just fine and we continued to talk about needing Jesus to fix us so we can be more like Him. I told him every one is a fixer upper from the time they're born since they need Jesus to fix them.

Jack then asked a series of questions about why Kristoff was a fixer upper. I tried to explain that he lived by himself and he didn't have many friends (to which he replied, Yes he did! The fixer upper troll friends!)

It was a really funny moment over all. Never risk a chance to give a Jesus example through a Disney movie!

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