20 May 2010


jack on our hike around links lake

After waking me up every two hours, jack was not a happy camper today.
perhaps he was as tired as i am.
he was still full of all the cuteness in the world.

i love when he nurses and then reaches up to touch my face while he' s eating. its so gentle and precious.

i love walking into his room when he's waking up from his nap and he gives me that tired smile that scrunches his little eyelids together.

i love feeding him pears and watching his faces as he tries the different textures. avocados are my personal fav.

i love nursing him in the middle of the night, even when i'm half awake. i just know this time is so fleeting and will be gone before i know it.

i love it that he's our boy.

yesterday we went to see a new pediatrician for a second opinion about his poop issues. you know what the doctor said? oh, just a few memorable things...

1. "You know what my motto is? K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid."
2. "Don't bother seeing those gastrointestinal specialists. They are off in la-la-specialist-land." ( he said this a total of about 3 or 4 times.)
3. "I think someone's a little o.c.d." meaning jack's mom
4. "Give him 3oz of pear juice and that should clear him out."

Needless to say, we won't be going back to see dr. k.i.s.s.

And......a restless, sleepless night later he still hasn't "cleared" anything out.

but oh...the walk was simply delightful.


Julie said...

Have you heard about liquid chlorophyll for constipation? It is totally natural and safe - and tastes good. My friend who has 2 y.o twins uses it with them all the time. I even bought some (and used it!) when I was pregnant. I bought mine from Nature's Sunshine, but I'm sure you can get it anywhere (on-line).

Mel said...

No, I haven't Julie! I'll give a try! Thanks so much!!!

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