14 April 2010


I love watching Jack grow! He is such a gem and full of smiles and giggles (especially for his dad.)

Way too early this morning Jack was awake, loving life and I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes open. A woman can only get up some many times in one night!

John's back was facing me, but I knew he could hear Jack's babble just as well as I could. :) Then, in the midst of my slumber I heard Jack say, "dada" I like to THINK that's what he said, (or John does mostly) but either way, John turned around and got up with Jack, delighted to hear what sounded just like "dada."

Two more hours of blissful sleep for me. Can you do that tomorrow, Jackboy?

Who thought Jack would have so much red hair?

tummy time often means spitting up all over my face time

i just love this kid.

rachel and richard came for a quick, but sweet unexpected visit!! they got to meet jack too!

we also got to see john's parents for a couple days

he is such a stud.


Kristina said...

I've been dying for a post!
He's so beautiful and getting so big. Wish I could meet him!
So much love to you and your little family.

Krista said...

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for the comment and glad that you enjoy the blog. How old is your little boy? He is a cutie!


Anonymous said...

Oh pal. He is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that he is getting more adorable by the day! Oh man so glad we got a chance to see you guys , your the cutest mom. Ill see you later crony!

Les is more said...

whatta doll!

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