08 July 2010

chords, starbucks and murder mystery

jack has a new obsession with cords.
He is a curious little bee and will discover anything that is hidden behind book cases or under couches.

Yesterday I had a meeting in the afternoon and tried my very best to put him down for his nap. After 45 minutes of rocking, listening to him cry, soothing and nursing I finally gave up. Or gave in.

For the next two hours he ended up trying to explore a not so babyproof home. I was reminded of how curious this little dude is and how everything is a new discovery to him. Part of me loves it. Part of me wants to see him destroy a plant and talk lovingly (and loudly) to each leaf. p.s. He does this new thing where when he discovers something he enjoys he spends about 3+ minutes talking to it and turning it around in his little hand. Items could include a water cup, a toy, a piece of string, my button, etc... it is absolutely hilarious and cute.) However, I was quickly brought back to reality and reminded that not everyone wants their plants destroyed.

Later that evening I went to Keri and Orion's house for dinner. They have three kids, Sutter, Addison and Ollie. Ollie is just a couple weeks older than Jack and an instant playmate. Jack had such a blast and didn't cry once (even waaay past his bedtime.) He was in heaven, I tell you. Around 8:30 we decided to pile into a mini-van and take a late night stroll to Starbucks. It was delightful.
that's Keri on the far right

Also...forgot-to-mention...a month or so ago our Bible study had a grand mystery dinner party. I was taken back to my days of pretending and tried to be the best Father Alfredo that I could.

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