05 July 2010

family retreat

the 4th is special. like most holidays it is enjoyed with a day off, lots food that's not-so-good-for-you and family bliss. but the 4th is different in that there isn't a need for gifts or some serious traditions that could potentially be hard if they didn't happen. it's just plain fun and everyone's invited!

My parents and sister came up for the 4th weekend and John's brother, wife and kids came over for the day. it was some serious fun. jack took a good nap, we played on the floor and listened to good music. we watched the proposal and played rummikub. all the sheer goodness of a holiday.

The fireworks are not my favorite, I'll be honest. We tend to find a place that is cozy and so far away you can't really hear the crackle when the fireworks pop, but it's less chaotic and less time to drive home. Jack woke up just in time to enjoy the fun. I think he'll have more fun next year.

the other highlight of the weekend was seeing Eclipse with my sister... twice. Not going to lie,
I absolutely loved it. But please don't get me started on the ending of the last book.

Jack is growing quickly...and crawling...and obsessing over cords. He is such a joy.

I met my cousin's little guy Noah for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He is so absolutely precious. It's incredible to think that our boys could grow up and go on similar kinds of adventures that we did when we were kids.

I have a poopy diaper I need to change. Peeyew.

Happy 4th of July!

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