26 July 2006

It's 83 degrees in Phoenix! Up the ladder with another platter, it's boss!

Another fun-filled evening on the telly with my crony Rachel. We talked of almost everything (as we do most late nights) and that particular night there was a thunderstorm outside of my window. Two hours into my future Rachel was at her home in Kansas mulling over her evening and thinking outloud. I love it when we can do that.

The lights were off in my room and my window was open. The lightning danced in front of me and I began to doze off. In the middle of a sentence I heard myself say words I didn't mean to say,

"They just need clean up their toys, they should just clean up their toys." As soon as I had said it we both stopped talking and Rachel said with a grin. I really should leave work at work.

"What did you just say?" We both burst into hysteric fits of laughter.

"That's it, you can never make fun of me for falling asleep on the phone because you...you just SPOKE in your sleep on the phone...about nothing subject related!" She said through her audible laughter.

I laughed too, turned on my light and said goodnight to my thunderstorm.

I miss my pal. Rachel, come to visit soon please.


Kristina said...

this reminds me of so many late nights. sleep has a beautiful way of intoxicating you, if you only let it.


Jacob's Rachel said...

oh pal you are beautifuly being used in Jesus to be a breath of fresh air and a soothing balm for my overly dramatic soul....our "liitle chat" last night was more gratifying to me than you'll ever know....i think it was the begining of the end of my self....I think Jesus is healing me of so many things....oh so many....my soul is being purged of the hurt and the miss trust....I dont know if Im makin any scence but I thought I should tell you of my joy and thank you for letting jesus uses you....its your turn now pal....have that talk.....if our father tells you....

Jacob's Rachel said...

Sometimes I miss you so much pal that I think if will power could manifest its desires you wold be here in that 5th bedroom, and we would go on as we always have done...I would run down stairs to tell you my dreams every morning...and when the thunder storms come you'd clime up to my room and we would sit by the window in the dark drinking tea listening to the Lord of the Rings and watching the lightning on the walls.....but alas, Jesus has grown un in diffrent flower beds and although we are both blooming (quite beautifully I might add) I still miss ya sometimes pal....ok please lets chat soon.....I hate how life gets in the way sometimes...Im excited that you are having adventures in "boyland" hahaha.....I need details....Love Croney

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