12 July 2006

I've lived in Phoenix for approximately two years now and so many wild changes have been thrown in my direction. Times have been hard, horrible, good, funny, crazy, and lonely. I've felt about every emotion possible in the last two years...I've felt things I never thought I would have to feel and new things I had never felt before. But that's really besides the point. When I first moved here it was hard for me to adjust to having my family in every direction I turned. I had cousins that I had missed and loved since I was a kid and now, they were surrounding me. It was weird to adjust to talking with them, seeing them and beginning to view them as friends rather than simply the family connection we shared. There are a few reasons why I love those cousins. One of them is this picture. My cousin Jason sent it to me today. I had been driving in mad havoc to get to the bank and back to work all in my lunch hour. I stopped at home to get a check and saw this in my mail box. Who does this? He brought a smile to my face, full of laughter and joy...realizing how great his humor is and how without him even realizing it, he could brighten my entire day (not like I have some crazy mad for Colin Firth or anything...but hello, look at that picture, its hilarious.)

The other is a picture of my 4th of July and the excitement you can have with just a people who share a deep similarity but all contain these wild and crazy imaginations. That was one of the funnest times of this year...and let's face it, how often do we see rain here in Phoenix? Next to never. This is our attempt (we didn't have the right resources) for a Lost picture. That's me on the far left corner with Vincent. :) Err....Indiana.

This is Abbie and I just messing around...as if we were on a deserted island or something...


Kristina said...

those eyes.

i watched Elizabethtown for the first time tonight, after swearing not ever to see it because I was already fully satisfied with the soundtrack.
I thought it was genius, becuase it had so many of those classic Cameron Crowe moments in it.
It reminded me, of course, of Almost Famous at certain parts, which in turn, made me think of you and the rest of the CPs.
IS there a chance I will see you this summer?
Perhaps we could meet in Oregon?
I miss you.

Anonymous said...

mel!you and Abbie looks like you are in this movie,err...Lost.it looks so real.brilliant picture and the pose too.

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