13 June 2006

Feather For Wings...

Yesterday my cousin asked me about Capernwray. She asked if I ever got homesick. I responded seriously,

"Homesick for England?" She gave me a weird glance. "No, for home."

Funny how places become your home away from home. I miss that.

Some things and people I miss...
Good travel partners in crime, Jordan and Susan
Good English sunrise.
Good friends, Spiro, Kristina and Bonnie
Good Room Six room mate Our Kate and Bonnie
Good 'ol CP's of Capernwray!!
Good German friend (and perhaps ONLY German friend :) :) Katha Schmidt
Our Good Home away from Home (for how long it was.)
My friend Isaac just got back this last week. It's been two years this past week. (For you Spring schoolers.) Wahoo.

1 comment:

jordan said...

if only our other criminal friend would exist...that's all i ask of a person, to just exist! happy 2 year aniiversity friend...though i suppose the leaving is not the best part to celebrate. at least we had people and a place to celebrate. blessings
ps i miss seeing robert dance during worship

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