08 June 2006

I'm happy that you're happy...

And you know what makes me happy?

Seeing X-Men 3 on a surprise day off! It was a fantastic movie. I still felt like I could have done a better job than Rogue, but who's comparing. I don't see many movies in the theater, but this one I would see at least two more times before it goes to DVD. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and what was almost two hours felt like only fifteen minutes. Everything that happens is critical and intense (and sometimes a little crazy) but constantly surprising you. The new characters were fantastic and the old ones weren't annoying yet...(or weren't there long enough to be annoying) So, do me a favor and go and see it. Not even just for sci-fi or X-Men fans (because, obviously, you don't have to see all three to understand it) But just go see it because its very nicely put together.

On a slightly amusing note, I went to get out of the parking garage after the movie and the man in his little cave for employees took my ticket and said "Five dollars, please." I looked at him and responded. "Oh, I went to see a movie and I thought I didn't have to pay if it was under four hours?" With a completely dissatisfied and annoyed face, he said. "You have to stamp it. It's five dollars now." He still starred at me. I swallowed my pride and responded. "Oh, okay. Then I am going to go back and get that stamped." He handed me the ticket and sarcastically said. "Fine, you do that." I reversed and went all the way back up to my parking space to go get that thing stamped.

Oh, and you better believe I did. I jumped over flower pots and ran up escalator stairs (still on a high from X-Men.) I returned to my friends out of breath yet satisfied. I may not have mutant powers, but I can still save losing five dollars. Oh, what I would give to have mutant powers. If you could have any mutant power in the world, what would you have? Be creative here, please.

And go see the movie. You will be entertained and inspired.

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Jacob's Rachel said...

ONLY YOU PAL!!!!!!!!!......you are the MOST frugle person I know.....(it's not a bad thing, I wish I was a little more careful with the cash!!) Way to stick it to the MAN......."Damb the MAN!".....I miss you croney!!! Ratch

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