03 May 2006

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright...

Here's something I should have done a loooong time ago. Sorry Rach. It's like going on the trip all over again. This is just a few snippits from my trip to Kansas a couple of weeks ago. Here's to a Road Trip to Oklahoma, a short visit with an old friend, a fancy photo fun shoot, and 80's Dance Party and an all-night-until-6 AM adventure...or, not.

So it begins, from our 'ol T-Town...

This is the rain that never stopped...and our reaction.

Trying to find out where we are..and our six hour detour to Tulsa...why, I wonder?

Spending time with an old friend...oh and not purposly doing that weird face. And enjoying a much missed Christmas Feel.

...the next morning, on the road again.

THEN...we found it. The most amazing find of the world!
Rachel thought so too..

...I walked around like this the wholetime...utterly speechless. It was perfect.

It was so fun.

Billings Oklahoma...
...right when we got back we went to an 80's Dance Party...needless to say, the guys sat on the sidelines and...SAT...but we danced for 3 hour strait! WOW!
...and after the 3 hour dance-a-thon we went on a little adventure. This is Elena. She's a girl I met that night and felt like we had been friends for years.
...then Rachel and Elena had a little collision and the police came...yeah, it wasn't so good...not cause they fell...but I told them it wasn't a good idea...

...us at the graveyard back in Topeka.
...eating TAD'S Snow Cone before I left...
...and in a snap second, it is all gone and I am home again with little to no country roads...


Kristina said...

First of all...by 'Christmas feel' do you mean "Christmas" as dubbed at the Cape?
Secondly...do you know which famous brother trio grew up in Tulsa? Hint: one shares a birthday with me.
Thirdly: I miss you a hell of a lot right now.
Yep. It's pretty much killing me.

Those are just the most lovely pictures ever Melanie.
And it kills me to know that we can't share these kinds of moments together.

With love,

the tapered pant said...

my dear melanie.

i miss you homo.

melanie said...

...Kristina, firstly...what other sort of Christmas do you celebrate any time of the year? :) and secondly...of COURSE it was to try and find a certain famous brother trio. In fact, we had to play their music the whole way through Tulsa, and DOUBLE fact...I made Rachel turn around because I thought I saw their house. I was wrong. Thirdly. I miss you too. Like crazy. and I am so excited for you that you are going to Norway. I say we meet up again soon. The ONE day last summer...yeah, it totally didn't do it for me. Let's meet and talk and go hear the Monks sing...we shall share those kinds of moments. As long as we can take really cool shots. I'll send you a link to a foto shoot Rachel and I had. You will die of laughter. :)

I miss you too homo. email coming soon.

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