30 May 2006

Turn, Turn, Turn...

There's this little band I had almost forgotten about called Travis. Those crazy Scots that stole a bit of my heart back in high school. They were visited again as I rode home from the mountains this past weekend. I heard this and it wrote everything that I was thinking. Strange when music does that...

"I want to see what people saw
I want to feel like I felt before
I want to see the kingdom come
I want to feel forever young
I want to sing
To sing my song
I want to live in a world where I belong
I want to live
I will survive
And I believe that it wont be very long
If we turn turn turn turn turn
Then we might learn
So wheres the stars
Up in the sky
And whats the moon
A big balloon
Well never know unless we grow
Theres so much world outside the door,"

There's something about driving with a dad who at one time you would have despised being seen with and suddenly deeply appriciating him. When he skips through his CD to show you his "favorite one" so that you might enjoy the 70's rock and roll too. He's pretty incindiary.


Kristina said...

I love moments like this when we get out of our silly adolescent minds and can really appreciate our parents.
For me, one of those moments came when good old Fred introduced me to my good friends The Zeps.
(aka The Leds.)
And there were many of those moments roadtripping through Europe together last month, when we could agree on music and both let our hair down and sing along.

Spiro said...

fred letting his hair down. what a sight.

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