29 April 2009

5 Things That Are Embarrassing to Admit, but Not Too Embarrassing To Post About

1. I love High School Musical. In fact, I find myself belting out the tunes in my car just for the fun of it. I also dragged John to see the 3rd one at the drive-in.

2. I was/am a major Hanson groupie. Still would be if they ever played a show west of Oklahoma.

3. I love to dance and occasionally my sister and I will dance for hours in her room, one time it was to learn the steps to a High School Musical song...

4. I love the show Reba. Reruns are on Lifetime and I just think that show is hilarious. I have no idea why, but I choke up during the theme song.

5. I love to listen to Christmas music year round. Like right now. That's not really embarrassing, but not necessarily normal.


Spiro said...

i love mel dickerson SOOOO MUCH.

Sharelle said...

I love Mel Dickerson and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

Who knew there was another HSM loving CP? (Yes I did use the acronym there). Man, I still need to see #3. Why don't we live closer?

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