16 April 2009

let me tell you about my dream...

For those of you who don't read this blog, you might not know what I'm talking about.

There's this blog that I have been following about a young family from Mesa. The mother of four young children and her husband were in a terrible plane accident and here both badly burned. I read about it for the first time in a newspaper at the bank. It was a pretty sad story, but miraculously they both survived. I have shed a couple of tears over these strangers merely by looking through their blog. The couple are recovering and have moved to Utah with their four little ones. Well, a few weeks ago I was driving with John and suddenly it hit me,

"What if the whole blog is made up? Like, what if some mom craving a popular blog came up with this big bowl of drama to write about and created it out of thin air?" It's not
unheard of and honestly, I think I would appreciate it as a well-done creative idea.
Kind of twisted, right?

Yesterday she posted pictures from Easter and I felt kind of bad. She sure is still recovering and so is her husband. "They still could have photo shopped it!" said my husband last night.
No, no...in fact, I think it really did happen.

I had a dream last night that I actually prayed and asked forgiveness for doubting the blog.
Hahaha. A BLOG.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to hold onto that creative idea and save it for a rainy day......or not.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

hmmm.. I wonder if you exist or not, or if THIS blog is really real..

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