12 August 2011

moments to remember

We heard the little ones heartbeat today. It was perfect and brought much peace and relief. We find out in ONE month what we're having! I can hardly contain myself. I saw the ultrasound tech today and almost wanted to grab her and ask her, "can you just check now? Please?! I'll pay you!" haha. But I didn't. It's so worth the wait. Kind of like Christmas.

I've been kind of enjoying the differences in this pregnancy than with Jack. 

With Jack I craved, 

-anything bad for you

With this one I crave,

-chips and sour cream dip (is there a pattern here?) 
-Egg salad

It's so different and in the mornings when I have cereal I sometimes have to force myself to finish it. Whah? This is not me. Pregnant or not pregnant. I love me my cereal. Maybe I should go back to investing in my golden grahams and fruity pebbles. I bet then I'd want to finish it ;) Or maybe not. Healthy cereals stay in my stomach longer.

The nausea is finally subsiding and I've already gained 5 pounds. My doctor was a little concerned that I had a lost a pound at my last appointment, but I told her, Don't you even worry, girl! I've got this one taken care of! 

I'm still kind of in awe that this is really happening. I look at Jack and wonder how I'll manage another one and how I'll manage to give them as much love and kisses as I do Jack. Last night on the way home from Bible study I asked Jack if he had fun to which he piped, "Yes!" And then did this loud and growl-giggle that made John and I break into laughter. He's growing so fast and has become a very independent little boy. At a playdate this morning he didn't want me (unless it was to show me the cars outside) and didn't mind falling or getting toys taken away. He did however, pinch a little girl and pull two older girl's hair. Oh, man. We left shortly after and he was asleep in the car within 10 minutes. My little fiesty monkey. Apologies to those kiddos and their mama's. 

Jackboy's expression when he sees his daddy is home.

Jack's recent "cheese" face. Literally.

a pool day out back with dear friends

I feel like this new kiddo is a girl, even though we have a great boy name picked. I'd love a little girl, though, and we shall somehow agree on a girl name if that happens. We started to talk about it yesterday and John said, "Let's just see if we even need to have that show down, okay?" haha. I wonder where Jack gets his fiestiness?

Girls night tonight and rain this afternoon. Two of my favorite things and it's only 2 o'clock.

So thankful for today and time which eventually passes and Jesus who heals and restores.

I read this post today and choked up. So true.  p.s. I'm choking up like all the time now, over every little thing. Be warned.


Rebecca said...

Could your little guy get any cuter? Man alive, he's a doll!

And I just can't take it...I have to tell, my very best friend is pregnant. I was the first person she told and I'm over the moon excited. She's only a couple of weeks along.......but yeah, I'm excited.

Nessa said...

Oh my goodness! I love that cheese face.

Funny - we 2 girl's names we loved since before our daughter was born, but we can't come up with even one boys name still. Good thing she was a girl.

My Captivating Images said...

I remember the second Mommy worries. Ironically I felt like a better Mom when I had 2 and I loved watching them together and watching their bond grow. :) Now I have 4. You will be a great Mommy of two! Don't worry. :)

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