26 August 2011


Sorry for ignoring you, 'ol blog. I finally have my energy/appetite back and I took a run for it. It's been delightful. The weather is still hot (Arizona, you didn't get the memo? It's almost September.) In fact, I think this week is one of the hottest weeks we've had all summer. Along with it has come the monsoons. Real ones. Lots of thunder and rain and today, really cloudy skies. It's been heavenly.

17 Weeks

Two more weeks until we find out what we're having. Oh, my goodness am I excited. This is half the fun, to me. I have it planned so my dear sister is coming over to watch Jack ---p.s. I need to stop here to say how lucky and thankful I am to actually have a sister in town. I've secretly been envious of my friends who are 'going to my parent's' or 'my mom/sister/grandma can watch them...' But now, I can join the club and my sister is going to school up here and for the first time in three years we are closer than an hour and a half away. I am so excited! Yesterday she came over during Jack's nap and we watched Modern Family and Tangled. Oh, and I barely made dinner and forgot about the pile of laundry. Woops. But, boy, was it fun.--- All that to say, Maggie is gonna watch Jack when we get the ultrasound and John and I will head over together to find out if this little one is a boy or a girl. John is convinced it's a girl. I don't have definite feelings either way.

Maggie is going to school here!
Speaking of Tangled, how cute is that movie? I think this is my favorite scene. It reminded me of a Little Mermaid quite a lot too. 

These last few weeks have been busy! With my appetite back and my much missed energy we've been filling most days and weekends with plenty of water play dates!
This may look like a birthday party, but it is none other than a swimming party with Jack's buddies. He had a blast!

We also had a slip n slide play date on the weekend! John was able to go and we could sit and chat with friends and eat amazing food and enjoy the cloudy skies.

Cousin-buddies, Cougan and Casen. Too cute!

Jack and Ellie
Friends from Monday night Bible study
sharing babies and stories
Our little family tradition most Monday mornings is to go to the local Prescott Donut Factory for a donut. I mentioned it last Monday and Jack ran around in circles saying, "Doh-doh's! doh-dohs!" Uh, he gets that from me.

Jack saying, 'doh-dohs!' Too cute. p.s. That white frosted sprinkles is what I got. So, so yummy.

 We've also tried to restart our walks around the square. We went down there as a storm rolled in (annnd passed over us) and it was a nice walk with a cool breeze. I really do love living here.

Favorite song of the moment?

I heard this one the radio on the way to church and was pleasantly surprised to hear such talented voices on Christian radio...until I realized it was actually NPR and it was The Civil Wars. Oh man, they are consistently blowing me away.


The Kinkel Family said...

Mel - so so fun! Enjoy these moments with your sis :)
I cannot get over how much your little Jack looks like Scout! Holy cow! That darn Kinkel gene can be pretty strong, I guess...
Although I've never really thought Scout looks very "Kinkel"... Take care! Hugs!!!

Nessa said...

Oh those donuts look devine and NPR always has some of the best music!

Skywaitress said...

Um, you have the cutest preggo belly ever! Seriously. Can't wait to hear whether it's a boy or girl :)

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