25 January 2011

capture moments

Today was a massive playdate kind of day.

Our home was full of little fingers, bowls of soup, pb and j's, fussy babies, chasing children, and lots and lots of laughter. just the way it should be.

fellowship is a sweet and beautiful thing. 

Do you ever have weird quirks that you wish someone would say, "Don't do that. You're stressin' over nothing."

Maybe not. 

I have this little quirky habit of biting/peeling the skin on my fingers. When things are busy or stressful or I'm running on little sleep (uh, yes and yes.) I begin to pick and tear. Before I know it I've created little scabs and I need to tape band aids around my fingers to keep them from being attacked any more. I've gotten better since high school, but I still do it. And it's annoying. Interesting fact? My brothers, sister and dad all do it too. It's genetic! I wonder if Jack will?

Here's to stressing over nothing, embracing the busy and the slow and just enjoying life.

oh that silly goose face. makes me smile everytime.
this is jack's new stink face he makes when he's pretending to smell/blow his nose. also it's the face he makes when he doesn't want something or wants you out of his way. 

i want to capture faces like those and place them deep into my heart.


1 comment:

Nessa said...

I do that too - the finger thing. Everyone knows when I I upset or worried because I go working on my fingers.

What a great face!

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